15 factors that create a toxic workplace
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15 factors that create a toxic workplace

15 factors that create a toxic workplace

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All organizations have the potential to become toxic. The potent chemical that permeates a toxic workplace is suffering. We choose whether to have an open mindset and trust a situation. If we choose not to, we’re choosing to suffer. We’re choosing not to make progress.

I recently hosted a webinar on toxic workplace culture with our VP of People Operations, Jackie Dube. We discussed the factors that create toxicity at different levels within an organization. Here I share some actions you can take to solve the issue and move your company forward.

Why workplace toxicity matters

Now more than ever business leaders need to be talking about and addressing issues of workplace toxicity. This is because the concept of career has changed—and will continue to change. Employees no longer stay at the same company for long periods of time. According to the BLS, the average employee has been at their current company for 4.2 years . That statistic declines to 2.8 years when looking at a millennial demographic, the largest generation in the workforce.

This means employees aren’t afraid to jump ship when faced with a toxic workplace—and if it’s your high performers jumping ship, you’re in trouble. [More]

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