3 Innovative Ways to Provide Effective Employee Feedback in the Digital Age
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3 Innovative Ways to Provide Effective Employee Feedback in the Digital Age

Is your employee communication strategy equipped for the digital age?

The modern workplace is going digital and companies are rushing to stay up to date with the latest advances in technology. It seems there’s a software application for everything these days: from tracking employee vacation policies to video conferencing for remote workers. One of the largest advancements in workplace tech?? Workforce management software.

Surprised? You shouldn’t be. An effective employee relations strategy hinges on efficient communication. Without a way to properly manage your workforce, your employee engagement and company culture could both suffer a serious hit. So, how can you use all these new technological advances and digital marketing tools to your advantage?

1. Utilize employee satisfaction surveys Employee satisfaction surveys are one of the most common ways to gather employee feedback, and for good reason. An employee satisfaction survey is an effective tool to take the pulse of your company culture and determine what motivates your employees. It also gives employees the chance to talk about their concerns or raise questions without fear of being singled out. Using an employee survey software allows your HR department to track, monitor, and collect employee feedback while ensuring anonymity. It allows you to see what percentage of your workforce participated in the survey and you can also use email marketing platforms to automate reminders for anyone who may forget to complete it on time.

2. Start conducting stay interviews A stay interview is similar to an exit interview: the difference being that stay interviews are given to employees who are still employed at your company. Stay interviews are conducted by managers to help a company understand why an employee might stay with a company. This is a great way to find out what your employees enjoy about working for your company and what they might want to change. Using employee [More]

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