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3 Areas Impacting Africa’s Recovery and Rise

Corruption, Religion, and Judicial System

The impact of corruption cannot be underestimated. Roughly 43 percent of Africans are living in poverty while over US$50 billion worth of stolen assets flow out of Africa every year. That’s money that could be used to invest in jobs and social services, where additional resources are needed most.

Widespread lack of development – from Zimbabwe to Libya – is reinforced by extensive corruption schemes, which scare off investors and discourage further development. Misappropriated funds account for a 25 percent loss of development resources in Africa. Individuals and families are also affected. In Sub-Saharan Africa, one in two citizens reported paying a bribe for land services, like registering property and stopping their family homes from being taken away.

Corruption has become the norm. The shame that used to be attached to it has been annihilated. It starts from small things as ‘’gifts’’, ‘’tips’’ or even bribing a civil servant. Apparently in total 10% Of Africa’s GDP is spent on corruption. That’s the money that could be used towards developing Africa.

Here is one thing I want us all to understand. Corruption is not per se a ‘’unique phenomenon’’ in Africa. We look at other continents and it is equally a major dysfunction. But the difference now comes to the extent the Corruption affects the common man. Here’s an easy example. In the US a businessman could use his/her connections to strike a major business deal, but the revenue will still find its way to the pockets of the common man.

Whereas in Africa, the same thing will take place but there still will be no employment created. If at all the common man will be more likely to be extensively exploited. How do we eliminate corruption? In my opinion, corruption is from the top to the bottom. What do I mean? I am trying to [More]

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