Corporate Changes New Leadership Traits, Styles, Competencies

Authentic Leadership

A good leader sets the tone for the unit. AACN’s research shows that healthy work environments are much more likely to have nurse leaders who fully embrace the six HWE standards, creating a culture of compassionate care for team members and patients.

Authentic leadership also equips nurses with the skills and encouragement they need to grow in their practice. The result is a more knowledgeable, cohesive unit that consistently elevates patient care. Standard Definition Nurse leaders must fully embrace the imperative of a healthy work environment, authentically live it, and engage others in its achievement. Top Critical Elements For Organizations The health care organization provides support for and access to education and coaching to ensure that nurse leaders develop and enhance knowledge and abilities in authentic leadership, skilled communication, effective decision making, true collaboration, meaningful recognition, and appropriate staffing. The health care organization ensures that nurse leaders are appropriately positioned in their pivotal role in creating and sustaining healthy work environments. This role includes participation in key decision-making forums, access to essential information, and the authority to make necessary decisions. The health care organization facilitates the efforts of nurse leaders to create and sustain a healthy work environment […]

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