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Equal pay day: How do we close the gender pay gap?

Equal Pay Day in the US is on 2 April. The date symbolises how far into the new year an American woman must work to earn the same as a man made in the previous year.

While the US has banned unequal pay for equal work since 1963, on average women continue to earn about 80% of the amount paid to men.

Asian women fare slightly better, but for black and Hispanic women the gap in earnings is even wider, according to government data .

Advocates for equal pay call for systemic legislative changes to address the disparity, and highlight issues such parental leave and childcare costs as areas in need of reform.

But what are some of the other solutions put forward?

-Stop ‘previous salary’ questions: In some US states, employers are barred from asking job applicants how much they previously earned. California, Massachusetts, New York City and Puerto Rico are among the jurisdictions which already ban employers asking about previous salaries, and similar measures are under consideration in more than 20 other states.

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