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How to Lead a Team With Empathy and Kindness

A lot of people think of leadership qualities as “paternal” — qualities like being aggressive or stern. I think of them as maternal. I think the best managers have caring, empathetic personalities. Most people overlook the importance of being able to show emotion. Even if you think of yourself as an empathetic or kind person, becoming a leader will change how you exercise that empathy. At VaynerMedia, we’ve got 700+ employees. And as CEO, it’s my job to make sure that they feel safe at work.

Empathy and kindness aren’t normally seen as qualities you need to lead a team. But I believe in them so much.

Here are some things I think about when I lead my team:

1. DON’T ASK PEOPLE TO “EARN YOUR TRUST” I give trust more than most CEOs would. Giving trust is offense. I think people say “no” too often because they fear ramifications. Many are also driven by ego. A lot of people don’t want their direct reports to be better at something than them because they’re insecure. I empower my team to make their own decisions. For example, Andy runs my personal brand team. And I don’t talk to […]

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