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Invest and Motivate vs. Control and Set Limits

In October of 2018 I was interviewed by Przemyslaw Ozga, the Chief Editor of Production Manager Magazine based on Poland about my new book True Kaizen. Here I wanted to post the full transcript in English of our interview for those of you that want a better perspective on the book and the thinking behind the content of the book as well. I hope you find the discussion valuable and it contributes to your understanding of the sustainable power of Kaizen. Production Manager: In True Kaizen you mention the so-called Lean context.

Why is it that context is so important for managers? Collin : Teaching and publications about Lean usually put a strong emphasis on tools, techniques, packages, programs or formats. Meanwhile, it would be better to take a step back and ask the following questions: What was the original context of these tools? Why were they created in the first place? What business and social challenges have led to the development of the Seven Wastes, the 5S’s and the other tools we know today? I think that managers and other leaders should delve deeper, try to understand the philosophy, methodology and indeed the context of organizational challenges in […]

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