Social IQ & EQ

Real-life Social Issues Go Beyond Our Screens...

Setting aside the trendy “Social Media” and “Corporate Social Engagement” topics that change rapidly, what are the knowledge and emotional awareness levels of the real-life social issues that impact millions of people every day? 

When looking beyond the popular celebrity’s latest personal-life changes, political party allegiances, and the mega-media bandwagon campaigns, real life-impacting social issues become visible: Contaminated drinking water, child marriage, domestic abuse, workplace violence, human trafficking and slavery, child labor, government and corporate corruption, and more…
Anti-slavery - Fighting Today's Slavery
Equality Now - Justice for Women and Girls
Eliminating Child Labour in Tobacco Growing
Stop the Traffik - Human Trafficking
United Nations - Human Rights
Institute for Human Rights and Business
Girls Not Brides - End Child Marriage
The Child Labor Coalition - Stop Child Labor
National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Changing Lives, One Girl at a Time!
Global Investigative Journalism Network - Providing Safe Drinking Water & Sanitation
International Labour Organization
World Business Council for Sustainable Development
Transparency International - Global Coalition Against Corruption
Business & Human Rights Resouce Centre
Human Rights Watch Labor Law
Plastic Pollution Coalition
OPCW - Eliminating Chemical Weapons
Plan International - Child Marriage
Whistleblowing International Network
Equal Pay International Coalition
UNICEF - For Every Child
Covenant House - Homeless Youth
National Whistleblower Center
OSHA - Workplace Violence
World Economic Forum
Doctors Without Borders - Medical Aid Where It's Needed Most

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