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Creating Championship Teams – The 5 C’s

“No single leader can any longer meet the demands placed on them and there is a growing recognition of the need for highly effective leadership teams” —Peter Hawkins.

Most businesses are not harnessing anywhere close to the true potential of their people, and this lost productivity is costing millions. But now there is a way to not just stop this, but turn it around by tapping into the true talents of every person on your team, no matter the team size. The key in creating championship teams is to ensure everyone is engaged. When team members are engaged, they energise the business and deliver superior customer service, which in turn translates into increased profits.

Having worked with hundreds of teams, I have now decodified what it takes to create a high performance team—and the best news is that it doesn’t take months to achieve this. Success can be achieved in a matter of days or even hours when you get the correct building blocks in place.

This is the 5 C formula I use at catering events to create championship teams of servers that more than meet the clients’ expectations.

Context Ensure everyone in the team knows why this team has been created and what they are going to be doing. If the team is working for a client, then explain any challenges the client has and be transparent about where the possible pitfalls lie. For example, at a recent event, I learned the client’s company was about to be taken over and the organiser’s jobs were at risk of redundancy. Knowing this meant that the team could understand how the organiser’s behaviour was a reflection of her situation, and they could seek to reassure her that everything would be great. For me, setting the right context is the single most important part of creating a championship team, as [More]

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