Time, Not Money, Buys You Happiness. Here’s How to Get More of It.
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Time, Not Money, Buys You Happiness. Here’s How to Get More of It

New research confirms that it’s not promotions, it’s “time affluence” we want

James Dobbins, a 40 year-old former research chief at a news magazine in New York City, started burning out seven years into his tenure. It showed up in a series of symptoms that grew in persistence: irritability, insomnia, and feeling trapped in a cycle of apathy and fatigue toward his job. He had all the telltale signs of classic burnout that experts have identified : exhaustion, feelings of inefficacy, and cynicism.

After closely connecting to how he felt on a day-to-day basis, he finally realized what he needed — more time off for his own creative pursuits and quieter pleasures, like reading and solitary travels. “When it came time for my review, I asked for more time off as a last-ditch effort to recover from burnout,” he tells Thrive Global. But HR declined his request, pointing to a firm cap of 20 vacation days per year. They did, however, offer him more money. “I knew more money wasn’t going to solve the problem. I was done. I quit,” he says. Four years after he made that bold decision, Dobbins has never been happier. He works half the year as a freelance research editor and spends the […]

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