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There are many questions concerning labor unions in today’s ever-changing global work environment. Questions around this topic include:

What is a labor union or works council? Do I or my family and friends need one at our place of employment? Who benefits from union representation? Will I get in trouble with my boss or company for joining or starting a union? Whose decision is it to have union representation, the employee or employer? If I join a union, will I be treated differently by company leadership? What are the pros and cons of joining a labor union? Where do I get more information to better understand if a union is right for me?

No matter race, gender, nationality, industry sector, or location, union representation should be an individual choice based on the circumstances, needs, and working conditions. It should not be driven by corporate influence or shareholder equity concerns. Is a union right for you and your co-workers? Maybe, maybe not. Research and educate yourself prior to taking action. 

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